CPS-IoT Week is the premier event on Cyber-Physical Systems and the Internet-of-Things. It brings together five top conferences, HSCC, ICCPS, IoTDI, IPSN, and RTAS, multiple workshops, tutorials, and competitions.

CPS-IoT Week 2023 is planned as an in-person event, and will be held on the Main Campus of The University of Texas at San Antonio (UTSA). In case the pandemic situation gets worse than expected in early 2023, the Organizing Committee reserves the right to hold the event in hybrid or full-virtual modes.


The organizers of the CPS-IoT Week 2023 activities, condemns any harassment activities at its venues. If you believe you have been harassed, you are encouraged to report the incident, in confidence, to the General Co-chairs. Further, please check here for details.

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